Teams and resources


Reactive and creative teams

Our teams are made up of more than 70 employees who support you on a daily basis in many areas of expertise: Research & Development, regulatory affairs, marketing advice, packaging, production, packaging, quality control, etc.

Whether your brand is already created or you are thinking about creating one, contact us and let us know about your project!

Modern and efficient production facility

With over 7000m2 of state of the art production facilities, our equipment meets the latest industrial requirements and satisfies all the needs of our customers from the various cosmetic sectors.

Our new production site, located in St-Pierre-de-Vassols, gives us all the comfort and efficiency necessary to meet your creative needs!

Double-jacketed emulators

10 kg (22,046 lb) pre-industrial pilot
50 kg (110,231 lb)
300 kg (661,387 lb)
500 kg (1 102,311 lb)
1000 kg (2 204,623 lb)
1500 kg (3 306,934 lb)
3000 kg (6 613,868 lb)

15 conditioning lines

Filling machines
Coding machines
Plastic and aluminium tubing machines
Labeling machine
Cartoning machines
Cellophane machines
Heat Sealing Machines