Respiratory & ENT range


A controlled development

Our laboratory is able to manufacture your range of ENT and Respiratory products. Select your choice from our white range catalogue, or entrust us with your project and let us lead your products to success together. We take care of the strict European regulations required for this development.

The choice of container

As a manufacturer and subcontractor of respiratory products, our laboratory has the tools and services to meet your specific requirements for the ENT and Respiratory range. We can produce your references in syrups, sprays, balms, capsules, tablets, rollers… both in organic and conventional quality.

Our areas of expertise as a manufacturer & subcontractor

Cosmetic Provence is an expert in the creation, formulation and development of subcontracting contracts for various ranges (cosmetics, food supplements, aromatherapy, etc.)

As a specialist in certification, we carry out all regulatory files.

Share your project with us and embark on a new adventure.

Advice & Regulatory Services

Cosmetics formulation

Packaging & Sourcing

Regulatory services

Manufacturing & Industrial Processes

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