Packaging & shipping


Wrapping and packaging

The choice of packaging is a strategic step in the development of your cosmetics.

We help you to find the ideal packaging for your brand, combining marketing strategy and strict labelling regulations.

Our teams are specialised in the packaging and conditioning of natural products for a qualitative and striking result.


After studying the compatibility between the container and the content, our teams ensure the packaging.

Our company plans the packaging stage of your brand. During this stage, each product and each package is checked and boxed.

Our packaging line ensures small, medium and large series in all types of bottles: jars, tubes, plastic, glass, ampoules, etc.

The expedition

Because we know that delivery times and quality are essential to the success of your project, our laboratory will accompany you and guide you in the best choice of carrier.

Working closely with many transporters,
our laboratory provides its most reliable contacts or takes charge of the shipments you entrust to it by adapting to your logistics services.